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He is a very dedicated doctor

My experience with Dr. Lim has all been positive as far as my health is concerned. He is a very dedicated Doctor. He is also the one that finally convinced me to stop that filthy smoking habit that I’d had for 40 plus years. Thank you, Dr. Lim!

Kathleen B.

I am very glad that I got hooked up

Dear Dr. Lim and Staff,

I am very glad that I got hooked up with Dr. Lim and his staff. They are all very helpful and professional. I’ve had 8 procedures on my legs and it may be odd to say, but I was made so comfortable that I enjoyed the procedure each time. I would tell anyone who has a vascular problem to go to Dr. Lim and his amazing staff.

Janet C

Thank you for your caring and compassion

Dear Dr. Lim,

Surgery is never something one looks forward to, and I want to thank you for the caring and compassionate way you explained what would be involved in the treatment of my peripheral artery disease (PAD).

I knew you the best Vascular Surgeon to take care of my PAD because you save my brother’s life when another doctor had given him only 3 weeks to 3 months to live. Thankfully, he lived more than 9 years, due to your specific skills, until cancer claimed his life.

You are the best, Dr. Lim and special thanks to your staff, Judy, Kayla, Helina, Monica and Megan for their help and friendliness. It helps when one is concerned about their illness.

The medical staff at Auburn Faith Hospital is also to be commended for their kind and gentle treatment of me before, during and after surgery.

My thanks to all of you,

Kathryn D

I just wanted to express my gratitude…

Dr. Lim,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for relieving me of the terrible pains I had in my right leg, prior to the venus reflux treatment I had difficulty walking longer than 15 minutes without serious discomfort.  Since my  treatment this has not been the case and I am looking forward to having the left leg done so that I can begin enjoying my life again doing the things I like best, shopping, walking etc…  More people need to be aware that having varicous veins does not mean the end of the things you enjoy doing and with minimal discomfort you can have a procedure to correct the problem.  Once again thank you and your staff, especially yourself, Samantha and the young man doing the Ultra Sounds for the great personal care you give your clientel.


I am writing this to express my satisfaction with…

I am writing this to express my satisfaction with the VNUS Procedure and Dr Lim. Two years ago I actually thought I might loose my leg. It was badly discolored from the knee down on my left leg and I was restricted to very little movement. Really did not think I would ever get the movement or any color back. Today I am able to ride bike (5 miles a day) and on the go most of the day for which I am so happy. Life is good once more and am thankful for my good fortune to have found a corrective procedure. I can not say enough about the procedure as you will note by the before and after pictures attached. Thank God for Dr Lim

– Patricia Ann Strebel

The results are better than I expected…

Let me start out by saying, the results are better than I expected, like I have a pair of new legs. I bicycle 4500 miles a year both on road and mountain bikes. My recovery time on a long hard ride was close to 2 days before I could come back to a high level of performance. I used to get cramping right after the rides, and my legs would kind of quiver when walking up or down stairs after the long rides. Now 3 months after both leg procedures, all of those have simply vanished. I feel tired after a long ride, but no cramping, legs are strong, I am recovered overnight, and the archness of tired legs is gone.

I would highly recommend this easy outpatient procedure (one leg, then the other) to any and all who feel their life is being diminished by varicous veins. One of the best parts is also, my legs look completely normal. Thanks to Dr. Lim and his staff for giving my a new pair of legs.

– Nathan Hartwig