Dr. Jung J Lim, D.O.

Dr. Jung J Lim, D.O.

Dear patients, medical colleagues and friends:

It has been prosperous 10+ years while providing exceptional vascular surgery service to our medical community at greater Sacramento area. With your support and dedication, Total Vascular Surgery, inc has grown significantly with office located in Roseville providing care not only in these towns but extended to surrounding area including Sacramento.

Again it is my honor to provide excellent vascular service to those who are in need. My training background includes general vascular surgery and endovascular surgery in the east coast. I graduated from the UMDNJ at southern New Jersey now called Rowan University school of Osteopathic medical school. Internship, residency and fellowship were held at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Cornell-New York Hospital, Sloan Kettering Medical Center, and Deborah Heart and Lung Center in New York and New Jersey. Additional endovascular fellowship was done at UMDNJ-NJ medical school in Newark, New Jersey. My general vascular surgery board has been recently approved for its second term.

I have been practicing vascular surgery for the past 14 years in this area and still growing. It is my special thanks to many of those fellow physicians and health care providers who are my major referral source. I would like to continue this opportunity to provide care to your vascular patients, including your difficult ones. I would also appreciate any discussion with you in regards to any question or concern for your patients. I can provide total vascular care for abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, venous insufficiency and or other vascular issue.

Here at Total Vascular Surgery, inc, we can provide exceptional diagnostic non-invasive vascular ultrasound studies by dedicated registered vascular ultrasound technicians and accurate interpretations. Our study interpretation has been proven with higher accuracy since we have major advantage of concurrent clinical evaluation and comparison with angiogram as well. These are very strong benefits for our patients to avoid more invasive studies such as CTA or MRA.

Our current affiliated hospitals are located in Auburn, Roseville and Carmichael area. With rapidly changing health care environment, it is our commitment to provide higher level of quality of care and dedication to you and our patients.

Best Regards,

Jung J. Lim, DO