The results are better than I expected…

The results are better than I expected…

Let me start out by saying, the results are better than I expected, like I have a pair of new legs. I bicycle 4500 miles a year both on road and mountain bikes. My recovery time on a long hard ride was close to 2 days before I could come back to a high level of performance. I used to get cramping right after the rides, and my legs would kind of quiver when walking up or down stairs after the long rides. Now 3 months after both leg procedures, all of those have simply vanished. I feel tired after a long ride, but no cramping, legs are strong, I am recovered overnight, and the archness of tired legs is gone.

I would highly recommend this easy outpatient procedure (one leg, then the other) to any and all who feel their life is being diminished by varicous veins. One of the best parts is also, my legs look completely normal. Thanks to Dr. Lim and his staff for giving my a new pair of legs.

– Nathan Hartwig

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