Thank you for your caring and compassion

Thank you for your caring and compassion

Dear Dr. Lim,

Surgery is never something one looks forward to, and I want to thank you for the caring and compassionate way you explained what would be involved in the treatment of my peripheral artery disease (PAD).

I knew you the best Vascular Surgeon to take care of my PAD because you save my brother’s life when another doctor had given him only 3 weeks to 3 months to live. Thankfully, he lived more than 9 years, due to your specific skills, until cancer claimed his life.

You are the best, Dr. Lim and special thanks to your staff, Judy, Kayla, Helina, Monica and Megan for their help and friendliness. It helps when one is concerned about their illness.

The medical staff at Auburn Faith Hospital is also to be commended for their kind and gentle treatment of me before, during and after surgery.

My thanks to all of you,

Kathryn D

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