Monthly Archive January 8, 2021

For the sake of brevity, I’ll be direct.

I’m relatively old. I’m a disabled Viet Nam vet. No stranger to surgery- sometimes complex and experimental. My confidence and ability to overcome and bounce back from these events has been based on trust – trust in my self and my abilities, and trust/belief in a doctor – his abilities of course, but more importantly his urgency to do the ‘right thing’ – perfectly. Recently I’ve come to realize how naive I’ve been – but also how fortunate.

Dr. Jung Lim was recommended by my primary care physician after my previous vascular health supplier became unable to continue providing care. Dr. Urn’s examinations and tests concluded with a range of concerns, questions and necessary actions. Directly put; the original stent procedure may not have been done correctly; improper follow-up after-care did not reveal ongoing problems; the lack of prompt attention resulted in further issues; the ‘fix’ would be an unusual and somewhat complex procedure; timelines not urgent, but certainly immediate. ‘Naivety’ revealed – ‘trust’ gone.

Dr. Lim’s manner is direct. He was candid in saying he had not performed this procedure before and that this required involvement of the stent manufacturer. Easy then to understand that unlike any medical procedure before, this one caused a good deal of angst and uncertainty.

While I had committed to something I was uncertain of – what I didn’t know was how committed Dr. Lim and his staff were to seeing this through – perfectly. Dr. Lim worked with the stent maker to devise the procedure, and stressed to me that while he had not preformed the procedure previously he was capable and confident that he could. At the same time, with a competence I have not experienced in the medical profession previously, Leah and staff worked to arrange the pre-op Covid testing and scheduling of other myriad pre-op tests – as well as setting up the surgery. All of this was done with a level of urgency, competency and timeliness that I know exists seldom in the business world, almost never in the medical world.

Little did I know the reasons for opting to use Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, but here was where my fortune combined to form the trust. From the inquisitive Covid testing nurse (Pixie) who began to allay my concerns, to the extraordinary surgical nurse Diane who managed to bring my confidence level back to ‘normal’; from what I’ve learned to be an extraordinary surgeon and Gore Medical stent support team, to an ICU team who doesn’t ‘go to work’ but rather ‘completes a mission’ – the conclusion and result was overwhelmingly positive.

I am grateful. I am confident. I trust Dr. Lim, his staff, and Faith Auburn Hospital. I admire Dr. Urn’s development, management and deployment of his support mechanisms. From abundant time and business experience, I can say this is team that works – for the right reasons – to a proper and desired outcome.

An extraordinary experience – kudos to Dr. Lim, Leah, Gore, Faith Auburn – you all rock!!