Yearly Archive December 2, 2020

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Total Vascular Surgery. Dr. Jung Lim was able to diagnosis my issues and recommend treatment options. Dr. Lim was thorough in his explanations and helped me feel confident. I felt I was well prepared for the Vena-Seal procedure. The staff was always helpful, kind and followed through with their waiting list. I was back on my feet in no time and it was a painless procedure. I am so glad I chose Total Vascular Surgery and would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Joan Tortorici

Very Helpful

I’ve had 2 procedures with Dr. Lim. His staff has been very helpful. Answered any questions, I’ve had. Great follow up. I would highly recommend them.


Judy Dugger


I was referred to Dr. Lim 10 years ago after a DVT in my left leg. I see him every six months to check on the partial clot and monitor the pain and swelling I have in that leg.

Dr. Lim treats you as a person and not just a symptom/illness. He is very good at listening and hearing what you tell him. This is very important to me as I have had symptoms before with other doctors, that
if they had listened, the problem could have been diagnosed years earlier.

I thank God for Dr. Lim’s persistence and not giving up on me. He persisted, looking for the exact reason for my pain and swelling. My pain was progressing to the point where I was walking with a cane, counted my steps during the day, and slept 12-14 hours a day due to the pain. He came back from a trip to New York where a colleague shared with him a procedure, he was using 12-15 times a week with good success. Dr. Lim shared the procedure with me and we decided to give it a try. The procedure was
completed June 10, 2019 and as I write this, I am PAIN-FREE! I could feel the difference the moment I was allowed to walk on the leg. It was unbelievable!

Dr. Lim’s office is run very efficiently. In the 10 years I have gone there, I have not had to wait more that 5-10 minutes for my appointments. Scheduling is done very promptly and with attention to the patient’s schedule.

I write this with joy in my heart having hope for pain-free days. Thank you seems so mundane, but THANK YOU, Dr. Lim.

Sue Kirk