Webview Patient Portal

The Webview patient portal is used to view the patient’s chart information and to view and/or send messages to and from their health care providers. Webview is only available for patients over age 18. To sign up for Webview, please contact the office at (916) 784-1836.

IMPORTANT: WebView portal is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency call 911, or go directly to the emergency room.

Please read the terms of use for Webview before proceeding:

By clicking the button below this Agreement, you agree to the following terms for utilizing the WebView Patient Portal from Total Vascular Surgery, Inc.

Password Information: You may be prompted to reset your password. Your new password must have 6-16 characters, including one letter, one number, and one special character. You will have to reset your password every 90 days. After 5 failed login attempts, your WebView access will be removed and you will need to contact the office to have your access and password manually reset. Please take care of your WebView password. If you lose your password or username, you may request a new one in person at the Practice by providing valid identification.Remember to log out and close your browser when finished accessing password protected WebView Portal services. This prevents someone else from accessing your personal information if you leave, share, or use a public computer (i.e., like a library, kiosk, or internet cafe).

Patient Web Portal Agreement:
You must agree to this “Patient Web Portal Agreement” before you use the WebView Patient Portal. Please read the terms of the agreement as described below:

Terms of Use
The WebView portal is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, call 911, or go directly to the emergency room. Please understand that it may sometimes take 3 business days to receive a response to an email request. IF you do NOT receive a response within 3 business days, contact the Practice at (916) 784-1836.

Please note that our physicians make every effort to call promptly with results that we receive. By accessing your records online, there is a possibility that you will see the results before a physician has a chance to contact you personally. The results will appear in this system at the same time that our physicians receive them. We highly suggest that if you are waiting for testing that may have abnormalities that you contact our office before using WebView.

By navigating to this page, you are a patient who has been given access to their electronic chart at Total Vascular Surgery, Inc. or have been given permission to access a family member’s chart (from the patient) at Total Vascular Surgery, Inc. By clicking the “I Agree-Proceed” button below, you agree to be responsible for the information you have been given access to and to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to that information. Also, please read the information regarding secure messaging (emails) below.

WEBVIEW works best on a regular computer, instead of on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.

Regarding Secure Messaging
We are happy to provide secure messaging as a very valuable service to you. For simple questions and actions, we frequently respond back as a value added service (a.k.a. free). However, we may direct you to make an appointment if the problem is complex. Also, we may charge a nominal fee if more complex actions are needed without being physically seen in the office. (Examples could include: review of complex or numerous messages, scheduling lab and/or sending in prescriptions to a pharmacy as a result of rendering a diagnosis through messaging, etc.). The cost to you is usually under that of an insurance co-payment. By using messaging, you understand and agree to not hold Total Vascular Surgery, Inc., nor their employees or officers liable for any unanswered WebView Patient Portal requests or messages.

When you are registered, we may contact you for medical care related issues via this method instead of by phone or letter. If you get an email message titled “New Message from Total Vascular Surgery, Inc. (from email address: webview@McKesson.com), go to the website above and log in to Webview. Tip: If you don’t find an expected email from us check your SPAM and JUNK folders.

Terms and Conditions may change
Understand that the terms and conditions of this disclaimer and user agreement may change periodically. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the web site. You should review the agreement regularly for changes and modifications.

Understand that access to WebView will be monitored through a logon audit.

Total Vascular Surgery, Inc. Harmless
By using this web portal, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Practice and its agents, employees, successors and assigns from and against any and all actions, claims, suits, demands, damages, judgements, losses and any other costs, liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees and collections costs arising from any act, error, or omission of the Practice and the provision of or failure to provide any of the Services within the scope of the WebView Patient Portal duties as outlined in this Agreement, including but not limited to, advisory and consulting services.


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