Knowledgable, Gentle, and Kind


Knowledgable, Gentle, and Kind

When I started hemodialysis in 2006, I needed a catheter put in my chest and permanent access (fistula) in my arm. Dr. Jung Lim came highly recommended by the Auburn Dialysis Clinic. I made an appointment with him for an evaluation. I immediately liked him and found him to be knowledgeable and very kind and gentle. He explained the surgical procedure, answered my questions thoroughly, and performed the surgery a week later. He has taken care of me for thirteen years and closely follows my progress. He does an ultrasound of my access every four to six months to ensure it is working properly. Over the years, he has had to perform a couple of angiograms and procedures to open up and eliminate the blockage in the fistula. All the nurses at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital tell me what a great surgeon he is, and I agree with them. I can highly recommend him.

Lela E. Klein from Grass Valley, CA

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